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E-GO Cruiser

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Complete E-GO Cruiser with wireless remote controller, 240V/110V battery charger with localised electric plug, truck tool, owners manual.

E-GO Cruiser with US plug for charger   +$699.00

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  • The E-GO Propulsion System

    The E-GO Propulsion System

    An ecofriendly powerhouse

    Yuneec International designed, developed and manufactured the E-GO electric propulsion systems using a decade of expertise from the aviation division. The Yuneec 400W motor powers the E-GO Cruiser just like the Yuneec 48KW motor powers the GW430 two seat light aircraft.

  • The E-GO ECU:

    The E-GO ECU:

    Software controlled transport

    Hidden between the engine and the Battery is E-GO Electronic Control Unit. We designed this high-tech software and hardware system to be robust and reliable and its function is to communicate with the wireless controller, battery and engine to provide the optimum performance. Fortunately, we manufacture all three systems in-house.

  • The E-GO Battery

    The E-GO Battery

    Innovative flexology design

    E-GO battery uses the latest technology and is housed in a patented flexible waterproof casing that changes shape with the movement of the deck. The USB outlet enables you to recharge the wireless controller with ease. The charger will recharge a battery in 3 to 5 hours providing a range of up to 30km.

  • The E-GO controller

    The E-GO controller

    Ergonomic, lightweight design

    The ergonomic design of our remote wireless controller makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. It has an auto sync lock system, informative LED's, hi/lo speed setting, riding style setting, speed velocity control and even a flashlight. 

  • The E-GO controller

    The E-GO controller

    Get direct feedback

    E-GO's wireless controllers are the ignitiion key and the dashboard for your cruiser.  Intuitive and easy to use, you simply slide to accelerate and slide backwards past neutral to slow down to a stop.  With side switches for hi/lo speed and riding style we are sure you will enjoy the controller in the palm of your hand.  Don't be surprised at the looks from people as they wonder how you are in control of your E-GO.

  • The E-GO Controller

    The E-GO Controller

    Extremely portable

    With a safety strap that slips over your wrist while using the wireless controller, it's nice to know that you can just slip it into your pocket or bag where it takes up less space than a smartphone.  Weighing less than 60 grams, we think you'll just love the convenience and design.

  • The E-GO Wheels

    The E-GO Wheels

    Extra Comfortable Ride

    The Cruiser wheels are manufactured from Polyurethane using superior materials.  They provide a comfortable ride even when riding over uneven surfaces or encountering small stones that could stop a regular board. For the technically minded, they are 90 x 52 mm, orange 804C with a hardness rating of SHR83AA, an 80 elastic rebound elasticity and Abec 9 bearings.

Aeronautical Engineering at Ground Level

  • Lithium-Ion Battery

    Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Recharge Time 3-5 Hours

    Recharge Time
    3-5 Hours

  • Battery Recharge When Braking

    Battery Recharge When Braking

  • Lightweight 6.3kg

    Lightweight 6.3kg

  • Wireless Controller

    Wireless Controller

  • Riding Range Up To 30km

    Riding Range Up To 30km

  • Riding Time Up To 3 Hours

    Riding Time Up To 3 Hours

  • Speed Mode and Riding Style

    Speed Mode and Riding Style

  • Inclination up to 10%

    Inclination up to 10%

  • Auto Sync Lock

    Auto Sync Lock

  • 90mm Diameter Wheels

    90mm Diameter Wheels

  • Griptape


  • Flexible Deck

    Flexible Deck

  • Adjustable Ride

    Adjustable Ride

  • Low Carbon Footprint

    Low Carbon Footprint

E-GO Deck

The E-GO deck has been designed using eight layers of Canadian Maple with one layer being orange to provide an attractive line in the centre along the edge of the deck. The top side is covered in a one piece black grip tape with E-GO Branding by name and logo. The underside has carbon fibre for additional strength and good looks. The patented flexible battery casing is mounted onto the underside of the deck with a rubber seal. Wheels are 3.54" x 2" and Polyurethane.
  • Length 38in
  • Width 10.8in
  • Height 5in
  • Weight 13.9lb
Battery Capacity 7.8AH
Type Lithium-Ion
Weight 2 lbs
Motor 400W Brushless direct current. Ave power 150W
Transmission Synchronous drive belt
Connection ports and buttons

E-GO Wireless Controller

A key feature of the E-GO Cruiser is the Wireless Controller which allows you to intuitively control it’s movement by simply sliding the throttle / brake slider up and down. When not riding it’s slick and compact design slips right into your pocket or bag, taking up less space than most cell phones. The battery status indicators BLUE light indicates the wireless controllers battery status and its GREEN light indicates the deck’s battery status. When activated, the lights will flash in a series of 1,2,3 or 4 flashes. Each flash stands for 25% of the total charge. The third light is RED and indicates battery depletion (when activated but not charging) or battery charge status to be less than 100% (when charging).
  • Length 4.9"
  • Width 1.6"
  • Height 1.3"
  • Weight 2oz
Battery Capacity 240mAH
Type Lithium-Ion
Charge Time 50 minutes
Specifications Construction ABS
Visual Multi colour LEDS
Vibrate Low battery warnings
Frequency 2.4GHz
Power <4dBm

Customer Reviews (6)

  • Review By : JIMIJAM

    Reviewed on 4/1/2014


    I was able to ride one at CES2014. Wow, was so much fun. If only they were selling them from their booth I would have bought one then and there to rip around vegas. I will be ordering soon.
  • Review By : Happygilmore

    Reviewed on 3/26/2014

    Great Ride

    Many electric powered skateboards in this class are well over $1000, so this price point stands out. My initial concern was the topped out speed of 12.5mph. It's quick enough for my jaunts to and from work, but I hope there'll be future upgrades such as: a firmware update that will allow riders to eek out more speed (20mph) or a dual motor truck that can be purchased and added on to existing boards. Other than that, received the board a week ago and lovin' it in LA!! Great job Yuneec, you have a winner here!
  • Review By : Happygilmore

    Reviewed on 3/26/2014

    Great Ride

    Many electric powered skateboards in this class are well over $1000, so this price point stands out. My initial concern was the topped out speed of 12.5mph. It's quick enough for my jaunts to and from work, but I hope there'll be future upgrades such as: a firmware update that will allow riders to eek out more speed (20mph) or a dual motor truck that can be purchased and added on to existing boards. Other than that, received the board a week ago and lovin' it in LA!! Great job Yuneec, you have a winner here!
  • Review By : Aussie

    Reviewed on 3/24/2014

    Fantastic value for money

    There is a company in Australia that offers basically the same product with in fact more limitations, and costs over $1000 so this is quite amazing.
  • Review By : Jon Baker

    Reviewed on 3/14/2014

    Absolutely awesome !!!

    I received my ego 2 days ago and I gotta say its just amazing :) I'm unusually stuck for words because I'm in a daydream. She rides so well and I'm already the envy of everyone who has seen her. I love the super snug wireless remote, no-one knows how I am controlling the board ha !
  • Review By : Curious

    Reviewed on 3/5/2014

    Excited, unfortunately.

    I am really amazed and excited to see a technology like this come to life. I have ridden long boards for a while now and just discovered this. It is an amazing product with tons of even more amazing features. Easy/quick recharge, flexible battery pack, waterproof, wireless remote (which I hope is also waterproof, it would be amazing to be able to ride this in the rain) nice design, it looks like it handles really well, it's lightweight, has a small electronic system, and looks like, and most likely feels like a normal long board. The only thing that really gets me is the price. I can buy a playstation 4 with 4 controllers and a few games for the same price you are asking for this product. That means I can get one of the most advanced gaming softwares with accessories to spare for the same price as this board. And with all honesty, though I would absolutely love to have this board and would get plenty of use out of it, I would probably get quite a bit more use out of the playstation. I wish this company well and I hope the high price is just because of the start up fees for this product and that it will drop 2-3 hundred a year or so after its release. Regardless, keep up the good work! You are obviously doing something right :)

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What is the warranty?
Warranty information can be found HERE

What is the E-GO Cruiser range?
With a 100kg/220lb maximum weight rider, below 10°C/50°F, about 22km-25km (13mi-15mi) and between15°C to 30°C (50°F-86°F) about 30km/18mi.

Its worth noting that here are many variables that will impact on the distance that an E-GO Cruiser or indeed any electric vehicle can travel, the most important variables are :-

- Riders weight
- Speed
- Surface resistance
- Riding style
- Temperature

The lighter you are as a rider, the more distance you will travel. The longer you hold the wireless remote controller at top speed, the less total distance you will travel. Don't over brake as restoring speed again uses power. Surface resistance plays a large factor and the best surface is smooth concrete flat runs - great if you can get them for extended distances.

What is the E-GO Cruiser top speed?
Option one is 12 km/hr (7.5 mi/hr) suitable for a beginner or young adult. Option 2 is 20 km/hr (12.5 mi/hr) which we believe will satisfy 90% of people for 90% of the time. The decision to limit the speed to 20 km/hr (12.5 mi/hr) is for safety and in tests a fall at 20 km/hr (12.5 mi/hr) is manageable but an accident at higher speeds could result in serious injury. We always recommend that you wear protective gear when riding an E-GO Cruiser.

What is the maximum load capacity?
Up to 100kg/220lbs. Our boards are designed for everyday people. If you are over the maximum weight, please ride with caution as you may stress the motor beyond its safe working load. Multiple people should never ride E-GO's at the same time.

How long does it take to charge the E-GO Cruiser battery?
If the battery is competely flat then our tests at normal room temperature have shown a recharge time of just over 5 hours. Just like you rarely run your petrol tank to empty, you will probably not discharge the battery full either and thus find a recharge time of closer to 3 hours is more the normal.  In our specifications, we say 3-5 hours recharge time.

What is the life span of E-GO battery?
Use of your E-GO battery accrues in the form of charge cycles. A charge cycle means using all of the battery’s power, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a single charge. For instance, you could use E-GO for an hour or more one day, using half its charge, and then recharge it fully. If you did the same thing the next day, it would count as one charge cycle, not two, so it may take several days to complete a cycle. Batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles before they are considered to be consumed. Once consumed, a replacement battery is recommended. You can use your battery after it reaches its maximum cycle count, but you may notice a reduction in your battery life. Knowing how many charge cycles are on your battery and how many are left can help you determine when a battery replacement is required. For optimal performance, replace your battery when you reach the maximum cycle count. E-GO Cruiser batteries have been tested beyond 1000 charge cycles and still work fine with a slight reduction in range. As a very rough guideline, after 500 charge cycles you may see a reduction in range.  This will probably be after several years.

Can I bump up curbs and ride over ramps?
E-GO Cruiser's should not bump up curbs, damage to trucks and the Cruiser may occur. Cruiser's are not designed for taking off ramps and partaking in jumps or air tricks.

How do I accelerate?
By gently pushing the wireless remote controller slider away from you, a steady flow of power will flow to the drive wheel accelerating you forward.

How do I brake?
By gently moving the slider towards you to the neutral position, this will decrease the power flow to the drive wheel. By moving the slider towards you beyond the neutral position, this will apply the electrical brake to the motor. We recommend that you apply the brake before stepping onto E-GO Cruisers.  USe the brake just the same as you would use a brake in a car, gently.

Can an E-GO Cruiser roll on it's own, like a regular longboard?
Yes, you can use it without power, the motor does provide a little drag but it's hardly noticeable.

Can I go forward and reverse?
No, we originally were going to provide this as an option but it was rarely used. We programmed this switch to now provide 2 types of Riding Style.

How do I know which direction is the front of the E-GO Cruiser?
The propulsion unit is at the rear of the E-GO and the rear is slightly narrower than the front. This is so when you rock the board either side, it does not foul the propulsion unit. You can also stand with your feet side-by-side at the front of E-GO facing the direction of travel. As an easy memory jogger, the E-GO logo on top of deck is at the front.

Can I charge the Wireless Controller from E-GO Cruiser battery?
Yes you can. Simply plug the USB charging cable into the USB outlet on the E-GO Cruiser battery or to any standard USB outlet. The Wireless Remote will illuminate a red LED whilst charging which will turn off once fully charged.

How do I switch the Wireless Controller and E-GO Cruiser on and off?
Depress the clear plastic end of the Wireless Controller once and a blue LED will flash multiple times. Depress the red on/off switch on the underside of E-GO Cruiser deck and this will start a Power On Confidence test and play 2 musical notes. Once the POC test is complete, an additional note will play and the Wireless Controller will be in sync with E-GO Cruiser and the LED will then flash multiple times and blue 4 times. To power off, toggle the E-GO Cruiser deck switch off and depress the Wireless Controller so there are no flashing LED's.

Are the Wireless Controllers paired with E-GO Cruisers?
Yes, the Wireless Remote Controllers are a multi-band device and can be paired to any E-GO Cruiser. The E-GO Cruiser is factory set and paired to the Wireless Controller already. So you can ride with a friend and there will be no interference. If your Wireless Controller ever needs to be replaced then we provide information how to simply pair to your E-GO Cruiser.

How do I sync with the E-GO iOS app?
Use the pin tool to move the bluetooth switch away from the motor. Switch on the board, open the E-GO Cruiser App and click on ‘GO’ on the E-GO Cruiser App start screen. Select the board below the ‘scan’ screen and the App will automatically go to the control screen.

How will I know when E-GO Cruiser battery is fully charged?
The E-GO Cruiser charger has an LED which will be red during charging and changes to green once fully charged.

What is the switch on the right hand side of the Remote Controller?
This is a torch switch.

Is an E-GO Cruiser's Dangerous?
They may be if proper caution is not used at all times. Appropriate safety gear such as helmet, knee and elbow pads are recommended.

Is an E-GO Cruiser's  Waterproof?
E-GO Cruiser's are weather-proof. You can ride through some surface water but never deliberately ride your board through puddles of waters. Carving on wet surfaces may make the board slide out from under your feet so take care in the wet just as you would with any other vehicle.

How do you make turns on an E-GO Cruiser?
Similar to snowboarding you simply lean forward on your toes or backward on your heels to turn in either direction.

What is the length and width of an E-GO Cruiser?
45” L x 10.6” W x 4.6" H / 116cm L x 26.9cm W x 11.6cm H

How should I clean an E-GO Cruiser?
Cleaning E-GO Cruiser's is one of your key maintenance points. Do not soak the board, or spray with a hose, simple get a wet cloth and rub off any dirt with the cloth - maybe use a soft scrubbing brush on stubborn marks. With a damp cloth clean the underside of the board, the trucks, battery, wheel sidewalls etc.

How should I store an E-GO Cruiser?
After you have cleaned your board, if you are going to store it for extended periods, give the battery an overnight charge every 3-4 months. If you are going to store it for a few weeks before use, keep the battery on charge if possible, the automated cut-off will turn the light on the charger to green indicating that the battery is drawing minimal current to maintain optimal status of the battery.

Is there a manual for the E-GO Cruiser?
Yes, a printed version is included in the box and English, Spanish and French versions can be found  HERE

Do you ship to all countries in Asia?
Yuneec do not wish to sell or ship the E-GO in China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan at this time and these countries are removed from the country pull down when entering shipping details. This is for commercial reasons.

How long does it take to deliver after payment?
Yuneec ship by ground in the USA where it takes 5-7 days, in Europe we use DPD and it takes 2-3 days, in Australia shipping from 23rd April 2-3 days and from Hong Kong to Asian countries by Air, 1-2 days.

If you have a question not listed here or a suggestion for an FAQ, Please let us know via